Function: 9 Unanswered Questions We Have About Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Function: 9 Unanswered Questions We Have About Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom
Hyrule Sunrise
Image: Nintendo

We’re simple months far from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom‘s launching on 12 th May. As it is, maybe, the most significant release on the Nintendo Switch because the console’s launch year method back, we understand incredibly little about the follow-up to Breath of the Wild— a video game appropriately hailed as one of the very best ever made. Sure, we’ve gotten three-and-a-half trailers given that 2019, however they’ve offered us far more concerns than responses.

The latest trailer exposed the spring release date and revealed us more of Link’s brand-new experience. It revealed him utilizing a rune capability and provided us a short shot of our hero sliding on some metal device in the air … 4 months earlier. Ever since, radio silence from Nintendo.

While we anticipate to get another trailer eventually, here are 9 yet unanswered concerns about certainly among the most awaited releases of 2023, if not the years …

# 1 – Will there be standard dungeons, shrines, both, or something else completely?

Image: Nintendo Life

You’ve asked this concern prior to. We’ve asked this concern prior to. Because that surprise expose trailer throughout E3 2019, your grandma has actually most likely asked this concern in the past, too. What’s odd is that, this near launch, we have no idea regarding the response.

Dungeons are an essential part of the Zelda experience. With Breath of the Wild, we saw the shrines and tips of the Divine Beasts practically a year prior. Despite the fact that we had not rather found out of the degree of either, a minimum of we had something to hypothesize on, to provide us a concept of what a genuinely open-world Hyrule appeared like.

For our Rupees, maybe Eiji Aonuma has a factor for the secrecy. Possibly we’re visiting neither shrines nor dungeons, however rather something brand-new. Sky … castles? Do not estimate us on that come May.

# 2 – What’s up with Zelda?

Zelda's Fall
Image: Nintendo

We do not anticipate these Tears of the Kingdom trailers to expose the entire plot like some film trailers do. At the exact same time, the last we saw of Zelda, she fell backwards into a pitch-black pit in the 2nd trailer. Sure, the most current trailer had her portrayed on a strange mural in a number of locations, however we have extremely little details about what’s happening with the titular princess.

Will she be playing the damsel in distress? A playable character? Will she be, similar to in Twilight Princess, mainly missing out on in action while Link does the adventuring? If we needed to think, she’ll likely play a much bigger function than in Breath of the Wild, not relegated to flashback series and the ending, however the absence of info makes us believe– or maybe simply hope– that she will include more substantially in this video game.



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