Maxed-out Mac Pro loses 98%of its worth with Apple Trade In after costing US$ 52,199 3 years previously

Maxed-out Mac Pro loses 98%of its worth with Apple Trade In after costing US$ 52,199 3 years previously
The Mac Pro lost over 98% of its value, or US$51,229, in barely three years. (Image source: Apple/Unsplash - edited)
The Mac Pro lost over 98%of its worth, or US$51,229, in hardly 3 years. (Image source: Apple/Unsplash – modified)

Apple’s callous Trade In service has actually come under the spotlight after a tech reporter found that a Mac Pro that cost US$52,199 3 years previously was offered a present trade-in worth of simply US$970 Disconcertingly, the very same Mac Pro was obviously still readily available by means of the Apple shop at the similar initial cost of US$52,199

Tech reporter and author for MKBHD, David Imel, has actually published an informing tweet worrying Apple Trade In. Obviously, a three-year-old Mac Pro that was acquired for US$52,199 was offered an existing trade-in worth of US$970(of Apple Credit). This represents a loss in worth of over 98%for the Apple Mac Pro in an area of simply 3 years, with Imel asking his fans what else might diminish as much as this and at this speed apart from cryptocurrency. The author likewise mentioned that the exact same design was still readily available on the Apple site for US$52,199

At the end of 2019, Apple exposed the Mac Pro that might be set up with as much as a 28- core Intel Xeon W processor for an additional US$ 7,000, while purchasers with an extra US$25,000 to burn might select to have their 2019 Mac Pro fitted with 1.5 TB of RAM. This SKU, which likewise features 2 Radeon Pro W6900 X graphics cards and 8 TB SSD storage, presently costs US$51,799 If you toss in US$400 for the wheels, which at this point you might as well, then that brings the grand overall to US$52,199 It might not be precisely the exact same design as Imel’s, however this Mac Pro setup was offered in 2019 and is still noted now in 2023.

To rub salt into the injury, Apple promotes an optimum trade-in worth of as much as US$ 1,250 for the Mac Pro, so the US$970 provided here isn’t even the greatest quantity in theory readily available– after all, it is possible to pay practically US$55,000 for a Mac Pro with whatever consisted of. As Imel specifically quips, the three-year-old Mac Pro would not even get sufficient credit to purchase the most inexpensive iPhone 14 Pro (US$999 with 128 GB storage and an entire 6 GB of RAM). As a sort of last insult, a fast look on Apple’s licensed reconditioned website exposes listings for numerous Mac Pros, with designs sporting 1.5 TB of memory marketed at costs of US$37,479 to US$39,239

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Just attempted evaluating our $52,199 Mac Pro’s at the workplace for sell, which you can still purchase from Apple, $52,199

What else has actually dropped 50 x in worth in 3 years. Crypto?

— David ImeI (@DurvidImel) January 17, 2023

Daniel R Deakin, 2023-01-18( Update: 2023-01-18)



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