Random: This Mash-Up Of Pokémon And Zelda Is Mindblowingly In-depth

Random: This Mash-Up Of Pokémon And Zelda Is Mindblowingly In-depth

You might currently understand by now that I love deep dives, specifically into the Zelda and Pokémon series– I’ve most likely composed countless words doing trailer breakdowns and tradition descriptions throughout the video games over the previous number of years here on Nintendo Life.

So envision how I feel finding that there’s an artist out there making a Pokémon X Zelda mash-up, with unbelievable idea took into the information. Bilsu Art has actually been displaying his “Zelda-Based Fakemon Region” for the previous couple of weeks on his YouTube channel, and I’m currently entirely in love with it.

This fictional Pokémon/ Zelda video game is called “Link Dimension”, and it’s extremely cool. You’ll begin the video game selecting among 3 starter Pokémon, based upon the Deku, Goron, and Zora races rather of Grass, Fire, and Water, and they appear like this:

Link's Dimension by Bilsu Art
Image: Bilsu Art

But that’s simply the start! They likewise develop into comprehensive styles, like the Goron last evo, which referrals Death Mountain:

it would not be Zelda without awful spiders– sorry, Skulltulas– and Bilsu Art has a truly adorable little variation of Ocarina’s arachnids:

And Gohma– you understand Gohma, the bug-queen you get to battle in nearly every Zelda video game at this moment– gets her own three-evolution line, beginning with the painfully sweet Gohmite:

There are Fakemon based upon heaven Cucco, the Master Sword, the Hyrulian Shield, Wallmasters, and the Ancient Guardians, and Bilsu Art is simply starting

Link's Dimension by Bilsu Art
Image: Bilsu Art

You see, in order to produce Link’s Dimension, Bilsu Art totally revamped the type system. Pokémon types like Grass, Ground, and Ghost have actually been relabelled to more Zelda-appropriate names, however likewise to expand the typing internet and capture animals from the Zelda video games that do not fit the Pokémon typing. Here’s the complete list of Link’s Dimension types and their rough Pokémon equivalents:

  • Forest (Grass)
  • Electric
  • Draconic (Dragon)
  • Desert (Ground)
  • Fire
  • Bug
  • Sky (Flying)
  • Phantom (Ghost)
  • Water

  • Ice
  • Hyrule (Normal)
  • Toxic (Poison)
  • Metal (Steel)
  • Warrior (Fighting)
  • Stone (Rock)
  • Spirit (Fairy)
  • Time (Psychic)
  • Twilight (Dark)

Does this principle interest you? Make sure to inspect out Bilsu Art’s Youtube channel, Instagram, and Twitter— we anticipate to discover out even more about Link’s Dimension in the coming weeks and months!



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