Survey: Has Musk Influenced Your Decision on Buying a Tesla?

Survey: Has Musk Influenced Your Decision on Buying a Tesla?

I’m really seeing the Tesla engineers do some favorable things considering that Elon has actually been sidetracked by Twitter. Vacation upgrade was strong and didn’t distress the apple cart, the return of a genuine guiding wheel choice for S/X, and so on

I do not comprehend this, if this is referencing Plaid the payment business are they understood to be especially “hardcore” with workers? My only other presumption is the material pattern which can be thought about “loud” by some

Their service centers treat you like you are gum on their shoe. I’ll never ever purchase another one. If it was when, I ‘d enable it might be a fluke. It is continuous, and in numerous states. Even easy parts resemble looking for teeth on hens. It needs to be an intentional strategy from Elon Musk.

Musk has actually triggered me some severe internal dispute. I never ever liked him and have long idea of him as a conman. His shenanigans on Twitter have just raised my distaste for the guy. And yet, as somebody hurt by the vaccine, I can just be grateful for the more open discourse that has actually been made it possible for because the acquisition.

Ugly vehicles, type of stylish yet likewise frumpy looking and the brand-new front bumpers have actually constantly appeared unsightly to me. Plainly the automated driving functions aren’t there yet, I like driving anyhow so paying a load for a vehicle with functions I’m not gon na usage is a waste. More normally, seriously not a fan of Elon’s flippant nature. Having functions shut off when you offer the automobile to somebody else is not appropriate. I believe that something will occur that will alter the balance of just how much you own the automobile a lot more in Tesla’s favor quickly, and I’m not eager to be in line to check it.

Does National Socialist partnership affect your viewpoint on wishing to purchase a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, or Audi?

… or Ford (with 2 big factories in Berlin and Cologne throughout the Third Reich) and GM (at that time owner of Opel)? Oh, and IBM/DEHOMAG or Disney items?

The distinction is that Musk is running Tesla today and not a human life time ago …



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