Hugging this pulsating cushion obviously reduces your stress and anxiety

Hugging this pulsating cushion obviously reduces your stress and anxiety

Yukai Engineering, the group behind the oddly cute feline tail pillow, is back with a brand-new eccentric development. Revealed at CES 2023, the Fufuly is yet another anxiety-reducing cushion from the Japanese business, however this time including a mild rhythmical pulsation as the primary restorative tool. The concept is that when you’re hugging a Fufuly, its life-like habits promotes your stubborn belly to cause slower and much deeper breathing. In spite of its thought-bubble shape (apparently to stimulate the image of a puff of air), the cushion felt more like a mellow animal dozing off in my arms. I even misinterpreted the peaceful mechanical sound as a feline’s purr, to which CEO Shunsuke Aoki ensured me this was simply a coincidence.

For this task, Yukai Engineering partnered with the University of Tokyo, which looked into on the “phenomenon of rhythmical synchronization in between people or in between people and things” as they communicate with one another. Believe how we typically feel calm when we’re holding an infant or family pet in our arms– it’s all subconscious. “Using the cushion for simply 5 minutes can decrease users’ tension levels and make them more alert,” according to Aoki.

The Fufuly includes 3 running modes: you have the obvious “routine” and “deep” modes to match your relaxing requirements, with the 3rd mode based upon typical relaxation breathing strategies. Regretfully, we could not alter modes with the model on the program flooring. Aoki included that his group currently had the concept of a pulsating cushion around the very same time as the Qoobo feline tail pillow, however in the end, they chose to establish the latter.


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Another brand-new gadget flaunted by Yukai Engineering was Lightony, a charming humanoid bedside light which actually dozes after a while. Allegedly, the robotic’s life-like head tilt and eye roll motions will motivate you to go to sleep quicker, though it’s likewise possible that kids would simply keep up as they have fun with this toy. Lightony likewise reacts to voice commands (all processed in your area rather of the cloud), so you can inform the robotic to set a countdown when you’re in bed, or state “excellent early morning” to wake it up.

Aoki informed Engadget that the Fufuly will be releasing in Japan this year by method of crowdfunding, followed by an international launch ultimately, though no rate is revealed simply. When it comes to the Lightony, it’s still in its early advancement phase, so we’ll need to circle back later on for an upgrade.

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