Asus has a 540Hz display that lets you move its feet

Asus has a 540Hz display that lets you move its feet

It’s been 7 months given that Asus revealed the world’s very first 500 Hz video gaming display— enough time that it’s not the world’s very first any longer. Alienware will beat it with the 24.5- inch AW2524 H, which I discussed today The crucial thing is that Asus will still have a 500 Hz display, too– technically, a 540 Hz overclocked screen called the Asus ROG Swift Pro PG248 QP that’ll deliver in Q2.

It’s a 24.1- inch 1080 p G-Sync panel that’s regrettably burdened TN screen innovation, understood for its refresh rates instead of seeing angles or large color range. The screen pulls a quite cool technique: the stand lets you pop in and out its feet to fit in narrower areas and lock them in location.

Asus’ 540Hz monitor has adjustable locking feet.

Asus’ 540 Hz display has adjustable locking feet.

Image: Asus

I purchased my existing Asus video gaming screen (the VG27 AQ) in no little part due to the fact that its little, squarish stand let it perch atop my NAS for the best watching height, something I would not have actually had the ability to finish with a great deal of the V-shaped display legs on the marketplace.

The other thing it has more than the Alienware is a cost: Asus associate Cat Tompkins informs The Verge it must cost $899 USD.

A gaming monitor with neon Asus ROG symbol, a bit like a butterfly’s iridescent wing.

A rear view.

Image: Asus

It’s likewise got an integrated ESS Quad DAC with “near-zero audio latency,” probably to pipeline killer audio from your PC to its 3.5 mm earphone jack. Asus boasts that it really has “above 90?I-P3” in regards to the colors it can show. Its twin HDMI ports are HDMI 2.0 instead of 2.1, which implies you most likely will not have variable refresh rate for your video game consoles, though you’ll most likely be utilizing DP 1.4 from your PC to attain the high refresh rates anyways. Like the Alienware and some earlier displays, it includes Nvidia’s Reflex Latency Analyzer

I still believe 500 Hz displays are overkill for the factors I set out today: “the reaction time distinction in between a 360 Hz panel and a 500 Hz one is less than one-thousandth of a 2nd– 0.78 milliseconds, to be specific– and just in video games where your graphics card or chip can really provide 500 frames per 2nd,” I composed.

At a shallow angle, with a dark batman-esque cityscape on screen.

Another angle on the 540 Hz screen.

Image: Asus

But if that’s precisely what you’re searching for, you’ll have at least 2 choices this year.

We’re seeing a lot of appealing screens at CES this year, and Asus has at least another: a 27- inch 240 Hz 1440 p OLED video gaming display with its own heatsink to keep it cool



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