CES 2023: Samsung Display to flaunt display screen that folds and moves

CES 2023: Samsung Display to flaunt display screen that folds and moves

Samsung Display’s Flex Hybrid display screen can be folded from the left side and extended from the best side. Image: Samsung Display

Samsung Display stated on Monday that it will reveal a screen panel that can be both folded and moved larger at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Called Flex Hybrid, the screen can be folded from the left side and its best side can extend out to make it bigger.

It is a 10.5- inch screen with a 4:3 ratio routinely and can be reached 12.4- inch with a 16: 10 ratio, Samsung Display stated. The South Korean screen panel maker stated Flex Hybrid is focused on future laptop computers.

Samsung Display will likewise openly display for the very first time its 17- inch slidable display screen panel which was revealed in September in 2015, at its invitation-only exhibition lasting from January 4 to 7.

It is a 17- inch in size when totally extended and under a 14- inch in advance. The business stated there will be 2 variations of the panel: One called Flex Slidable Solo that can extend from one side of the screen and another called Flex Slidable Duet that extends from both sides.


Another display screen that can be moved larger from both sides will likewise be revealed at CES2023 Image: Samsung Display

The South Korean screen panel maker is likewise preparing to reveal its 2023 design QD-OLED screen panels.

QD-OLED is Samsung Display’s variation of big OLED panels focused on TVs and displays. They utilize a blue emission layer that goes through a quantum dot conversion layer to likewise reveal red and green colors.

This approach is various from LG Display’s big OLED panels which have no such conversion layer and rather include white pixels to the red, green, and blue pixels on the emission layer while utilizing a color filter.

The business is preparing to reveal 77-, 65-, 55-, and 34- inch sizes along with a 49- inch design focused on ultra-wide displays.

Samsung Display stated it used a brand-new algorithm called IntelliSense AI and brand-new natural products for the emission layer that increases the brightness of the screens. The business declared that these panels can reach a luminance of over 2,000 nits while consuming 25%less power than previous panels.

Samsung Display will likewise reveal its brand-new digital cockpit principle that integrates a 34- inch display screen and a 15.6- inch screen. The business will likewise display how it recycles glass and minimize greenhouse gas emissions throughout production, Samsung Display stated.

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