Nvidia Blackwell RTX 50 reported to use most significant perf leap in history, business prepared GH202 Hopper as contingency in case AMD had much faster RDNA 3

Nvidia Blackwell RTX 50 reported to use most significant perf leap in history, business prepared GH202 Hopper as contingency in case AMD had much faster RDNA 3
Nvidia's upcoming Blackwell RTX 50 lineup could finally make the transition to an MCM architecture. (In pic: Nvidia Grace Hopper H100 CNX)
Nvidia’s upcoming Blackwell RTX 50 lineup might lastly make the shift to an MCM architecture. (In photo: Nvidia Grace Hopper H100 CNX)

Fresh reports show Nvidia wishes to maintain its leads in customer graphics with the upcoming Blackwell RTX 50 series. Blackwell is most likely to make the shift to a chiplet architecture in addition to a brand-new denoising accelerator straight developed into the RT pipeline. Nvidia obviously likewise had strategies of launching a customer variation of Hopper simply in case AMD beat them to the goal with RDNA 3.

Nvidia’s Ada advertisement102- based GeForce RTX 4090 has actually been leading the GPU efficiency charts because launch, with AMD’s RDNA 3 limiting its fumbling arena to the RTX 4080 The report mill barely sleeps, nevertheless, and now we currently are learning more about some rough info about Nvidia’s upcoming GPU architecture codenamed Blackwell.

Blackwell is called after David Harold Blackwell, an American statistician who is credited with essential contributions to the fields of video game theory and info theory.

The very first referrals for Blackwell turned up in dripped chauffeur code back in March this year along with recommendations to Ada and Hopper. It is not totally clear whether Blackwell would be a high-performance calculate (HPC) or customer GPU.

Paul from RedGamingTech on YouTube declares he knows that Nvidia has actually currently started examining Blackwell SKUs internally. These are not taped-out styles however more like proof-of-concept models.

According to Paul’s sources, Nvidia is obviously seeking to keep its leads undamaged entering to the next generation– even if it implies putting out a halo card that would be made in minimal amounts and priced considerably greater than similar traditional offerings.

Blackwell is most likely to be based upon a completely brand-new multi-chip module (MCM)- based shading multiprocessor (SM) style. Paul keeps in mind that a person of the examination SKUs is an MCM monstrosity with hyperspeed bus links in between numerous chiplets in the MCM bundle. The present Grace Hopper CPU GPU plan utilizes a high-speed 900 GB/s adjoin.

Several leakages previously this year really pegged GH100 Hopper to be an MCM, however Nvidia selected a standard monolithic die rather. Report is that Nvidia would have really brought GH202 Hopper to the customer section in an “emergency situation, break glass situation” had the RDNA 3-based RX 7900 XTX exceeded the RTX 4090.

RTX 50 Blackwell will likewise obviously deliver with a denoising accelerator as part of the ray tracing pipeline. Nvidia initially utilized a Spatiotemporal Variance-Guided Filtering (SVGF) denoising option for real-time ray tracing. This was supplanted by the Nvidia Real-time Denoiser (NRD) that can deal with low ray counts to the level of 0.5 or 1 ray per pixel (rpp) and can deal with scattered, specular, and unlimited source of light shadows. NRD is slated to use 50%more efficiency than SVGF-based denoising.

It appears like Blackwell will incorporate denoising straight as part of the RT pipeline, which ought to in theory assist with greater RT efficiency, especially in course tracing.

In the exact same video, Paul likewise speaks about how RDNA 4 Navi 41 can be 2x as quick as RDNA 3 Navi 31 with much better efficiency per Watt.

Nvidia and AMD are even yet to completely release the total Ada and Navi 3x stack, respectively, so these really early reports about their next gen GPUs must be taken with a pound of salt.

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Nvidia Blackwell RTX 50 early rumors. (Source: RedGamingTech on YouTube)
Nvidia Blackwell RTX 50 early reports. (Source: RedGamingTech on YouTube)



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