Private yacht Club’s New Game Engine Is Powering An Unannounced 3D Project

Private yacht Club’s New Game Engine Is Powering An Unannounced 3D Project

Mina the Hollower is likewise operating on it

Shovel Knight amiibo
Image: Nintendo

We’ve heard prior to about the Shovel Knight designer Yacht Club Games dealing with a “brand-new 3D job” and now it appears to have actually shown up once again throughout an interview Ars Technica. Private yacht Club’s video game designer Alec Faulkner has actually exposed how the Mina the Hollower engine is likewise powering a brand-new “unannounced 3D video game”:

” This engine is in fact brand name brand-new, made from scratch by our group. That’s been our trick for the previous 5 or 6 years– it’s being utilized to establish both this video game and simultaneously our unannounced 3D video game.”

While Mina may look comparable to a title like Link’s Awakening on Game Boy Color, obviously “under the hood” it’s got more in typical with a video game like Breath of the Wild

Back in 2020, Yacht Club Games’ discussed how the next rational action was to work its method as much as a “huge 3D video game”, while at the exact same time providing a suggestion it was dealing with a “brand-new 3D task” through a task listing

Yacht Club Games has actually simply launched Shovel Knight Dig with the support of designer Nitrome, and it appears to have advanced with this most current release You can find out about it in our evaluation:

Would you be intrigued in a 3D video game from the Shovel Knight designer? Let us understand in the remarks.

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